Worship at Northwest

Northwest Baptist Church exists first and foremost to worship and glorify God and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people in Gainesville and around the world. 


A typical worship service will include a message (preaching) from God's Word (the Bible) and singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, giving thanks and praising God, and an invitation to accept the free gift of salvation (to make us right with God) through Jesus Christ.  Worship also involves the giving of tithes and offerings.

  • Vocal team

    Our vocal team consists of 2 to three vocalists who sing with individual microphones with our worship pastor each week. This rotating group consists of our most capable and gifted musicians who also have the right heart for worship and humility needed to take on this important role of worship leadership. Auditions and a trial period are required. Rehearsals are typically held every Wednesday evening (times depend on the week and group on rotation). The vocal teams often present special music as well as lead on most congregational songs weekly. Church membership is also required.

  • worship audio/visual (wav) team

    This team is responsible for performing a variety of functions involving the worship service to include sound and music, video presentations, live streaming services and lighting effects and is vital to the music and worship ministry. Members of this team run all of our audio/visual equipment on Sunday morning and some evenings as well as for special events. Anyone interested in serving in this way must be teachable, a fast learner, and comfortable and proficient with digital and computer technology. Positions are available!